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Crunch Coat!!!!

Quick Poll -

Do you know what Dairy Queen Crunch Coat is?

If so, what state do you live in?


I do {am i supposed to say what it is?}, but it isn't from having it at DQ, because i hate DQ... It is from a friend who purchased it and served it on "sunday night" when I was a kid.

New Jersey
as long as you know what crunch coat is, it still counts!
I know what it is -- well, if you're thinking it's the same thing that I'm thinking that it is. Though I don't think that I learned of it from DQ but from this ice cream place in my hometown.

I grew up in Ohio.

I live in Georgia (more or less).
Plus 1 for the Midwest and knowledge of the crunch coat!
Hubby and I haven't, and we're from Texas.
now I know the hubbie will never even consider moving to Texas... Unless we bring bulk quantities of crunch coat.
I have no idea what that is.

Corollary: I've never actually been to a Dairy Queen.

Is this by choice or are there no Dairy Queens nearby?
I had never even heard of Dairy Queen until a few years ago. We didn't have them in Southern California (although my mom tells me there's one now) and I never saw one in Boston the short time I lived there (although that could just be me.) Now that I live just up the road from one, it never really occurs to me to go there. I don't eat fast food, so when I want to grab a quick bite to eat, I tend to think of the local mom-and-pop places like small sandwich shops, the Salvadorian burrito place around the corner, and the plethora of breweries and pubs (by law here, any place that sells alcohol has to have a food menu, so lots of pubs have sprung up and they compete primarily on their food offerings.)
I wouldn't recommend their regular food. It's overpriced and greasy. It's a good place for a quick and cheap dessert though!


You mean, just know that such a thing as crunch coat exists, and how to ask for it? Or know the actual ingredients in it?

I tend to go with the Freezes myself.

Re: MA

yeah, I just want to know if you know what it is.

Oh and Freezes=yum! Believe it or not, my daughter tried one recently and hated it. **mind boggles**

Re: MA

Children have no taste. :) My daughter goes for those awful Star bars that turn your tongue purple. :P :)

When I knew that I was living in upstate New York. There are DQs in Virginia now but it's just not the same.
so the Virginia DQs don't have crunch coat? Or is it different crunch coat?